How I chose my
womens wading shoe.

Shoe Shopping!

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My favorite past-time: Shoe Shopping! The same holds true for buying a womens wading shoe. No matter what kind of mood you’re in, buying a new pair of shoes can really lift your spirits!

First thing to look for in wading boots? Lightness! You do not want a big heavy boot that only gets heavier when it’s wet weighing you down.

You actually do quite a bit of walking in your wading shoes so make sure they fit you well with your waders on and that they’re durable because you’ll be scaling rocks and river-banks in them.

You can pick up these great wading boots for around $100. Don’t be afraid to try on the men’s sizes to find the right fit. Since you’ll probably be wearing these with waders – your foot just got wider!

My choice? Ultra-Light Wading Shoe by Orvis

Orvis wading boots

This description is straight from the Orvis page, verbatim. Now if we can get Orvis to make Manolo Wading Shoes ;-)

This wading shoe is featherweight, quick drying, and ideal for fly fishing travel or everyday fly fishing use. The Ultra-Light Wading Shoe is available in studded or felt soles. These wading boots are a mere 38 oz. a pair in size 10 yet, unlike other travel wading shoes, our Ultra-Light wading shoe provides comfortable full support and protection. Imported.

• Quick drying, tough nylon and synthetic Nubuck fabric

• Durable enough for everyday fishing use yet just 38oz.

• Natural rubber protective layer over the fishing boot toe.

• The ultimate wading shoes for the traveling fly fisherman.

• Removable insole for comfort.

• Fishing boots available with studded or felt sole.

• Speed lace eyelets with one-pull top locking mechanism.

My Shoe Shopping Day in Basalt Colorado

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