Trophy Outfitters Cater to Chicks!

If you love fly fishing and the outdoors then you may be interested in trophy outfitters to fulfill your "hunter" urges. (We can't all be "gatherers".)

If so, I’ve found some folks who believe chicks rock!

Golden Eagle Outfitters!


Golden Eagle Outfitters leases private land in the eastern plains for trophy deer and antelope, as well as ranches in the southeastern mountains of Colorado. They have exclusive hunting rights to all ranches, allowing them to manage and regulate hunting pressure and harvest. They enjoy a great variety of big game, with all ranches providing excellent mule deer, antelope and elk populations.

All of their guides are seasoned hunters, several of which started out as clients of Golden Eagle. Each guide has extensive experience in hunting big game in Colorado; including spot and stalk, tree standing when necessary during archery, calling elk and still hunting dark timber. Most of their private land is accessible by 4wheel drive truck or ATV but they put in a lot of foot miles on most hunts. They can tailor their hunts for those with disabilities or limitations with advance notice.

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