How To Tie A Fly Knot

Surgeon's Knot

Attaching Tippet to Leader

How to tie a fly knot – leader to tippet. Your backing, (typically a bright color like yellow or green), attaches to a leader, your leader attaches to your tippet, and your tippet is tied on to your fly. You’ll be tying the Clinch Knot the most because you have to tie that every time you lose a fly.

Eventually, that tippet will need to be clipped off and you’ll tie on a new piece, about 8 to 24 inches long – depending on how deep you are fishing.

This is the knot for tying fly line to leader. If it’s good enough for surgeons it’s good enough for fish.

1. Clip off a piece of tippet long enough to maintain the depth you want, plus about 4 inches for tying. Lay it next to your leader so the two strands are overlapping by about 4-6”and horizontal as you hold them in front of you.

2. Form a loop with this doubled section and you’ll have two tag ends on your left as you look at it. Bring that doubled tag end, both tippet and leader, through the loop 2-3 times – making an overhand knot. Keep the loop open right now.

3. Lubricate now – put it in your mouth or stick it in the water, then pull on both sides simultaneously and pull it tight. Make sure it seats!

4. Trim off those two loose tag ends and you’re good to go.

Surgeon's Knot

With this knot and technique you can build out your leader as long as you’d like. Your first piece of tippet attached to your leader should be the same weight size, then you can keep tying on pieces of tippet that taper thinner and thinner.

How to Buy Tippet

So now you know how to tie a fly knot that will serve you well for the rest of your knot tying days. Well done!

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