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The best part about building this site so far has been making fly fishing videos! We'll post our original She Loves Fly Fishing epic adventures here and if we find favorites we think you need to see, we'll post those too.  Our first fly fishing video was shot early in my passion pursuit but you can tell - I was all in.  It didn't matter how cold it was, how small the fish was, or how funny I looked - I was fly fishing.  Couple this with my love of rock-n-roll and live music and wango tango, ya got yerself a video.  About the same time I started fly fishing I met the incredible trio of love; Something Underground.  We recorded one of their songs at the world famous Little Bear in Evergreen CO and I think you might agree, their original song is the perfect soundtrack to this love of the tug.


One Fish Two Fish

It's a music video - it's a dance video - but most of all, it's a fishing video! Featuring live music from SOMETHING UNDERGOUND.

Big Rainbow on the Colorado River The thrill of net-cam!

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I sometimes get an eyebrow lift when I tell out of state anglers that Carpin' is a thing in Colorado.  We even have an annual tournament in Denver, The Carp Slam. This day my guide, Tripp, had a go-pro camera posted on the net and I absolutely dig some of the angles it provided.  You can certainly get the feel for the muscle I had to put into landing this beast and you might even feel my little-kid excitement! 

Carpin' on the Colorado!
Fly Fishing Video

Carpin has been described as, "the poor man's Bone Fishin'".  The beauty of it all is that you can find carp in almost any pond, city park, or urban river.  You have to hunt them like game and put the fly right in front of their face so you instantly improve your cast, and once they hit you hunker down and prepare for a mighty fight that truly does, feel like a bone-fish.  They have lips like Taylor Swift so you can horse them all you want.  Carp on! 


Watch me bring in my first Carp! (Big Fish Alert
Fly Fishing Video)

Carp on the fly.

I'm In LOVE!!!!

Not Infatuated!

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