A Fly Fishing Line Loop
The Surgeons Loop

Make a loop in your fly fishing line with a Surgeon’s Loop.

The Surgeon’s Loop is very strong and tied the same as the Surgeon's Knot but with a double strand. The Surgeon's Loop can be used to make a 'loop to loop' connection or to attach a lure that needs to move freely. I’ve actually only had to use it a few times but when you need it – it’s a ”must know”.

Very simple –

Just form a loop in the end of your leader, then take that loop and make an over-hand knot in the double line.

Surgeon's Loop

Now bring the loop end through the overhand knot that you just made – lubricate it, (put it in your mouth or dip it in the water) and tighten it up by pulling on the loop end with one hand and the tag end and standing leader in the other.

Trim it up – viola!

Finished with this fly fishing line loop - take me to the CLINCH KNOT

How to tie the Surgeon's Knot, (not the loop).

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