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Sabrina Fly Fishing Elk Trout

As a little girl I grew up fishing with my Grand-Dad using night-crawlers, salmon eggs, and shiny spinners. As my love for the past-time increased and my skills broadened I became interested in my Dad’s take on fishing; standing in a river casting a graceful loop in a zen-like state and landing a perfect drift on moving waters.

The first time I saw a fish explode out of the water to attack Dad's bug I think my heart stopped for a moment. The excitement was so overwhelming I had to try it myself! Dad soon after retired his fly rod and I didn’t want to look foolish stepping out into that river for the first time solo. I needed instruction but didn’t know where to start or what to buy first.

I had a hard time finding help to get started and I didn't have good luck finding women-friendly fly shops. I was intimidated by a club that seemed to be for the "good-ol'-boys" and would have nothing to do with a fly fishing chick!

Then came the movie, “A River Runs Through It”. Watching Brad Pitt shadow cast on a Bozeman Montana river touched something deep within me – I wanted to master this sport and nobody was going to stop me. I sat out on the pursuit to find experts who were "women friendly" to help me along.

i love fly fishing

This site offers you the support and insight you need to get on the water and start fly fishing. We prepare you for day one from donning the waders to reading the waters.

The journey continues for me – I am in no way the Pro, but I hang out with a lot of them and they are happy to share their sage wisdom and help us all get our fly fishing on!

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