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Fly shop owners – listen up; you need to carry more fly fishing apparel for women and here’s why: we spend more money than men! I don’t even care if it sounds like a stereo-type because in my case it’s very true – I like to shop; women like to shop! When the going gets tough, the tough go shopping. When we take on a new sport – we buy stuff!

Check out this case in point – a fly fishing video, actually an interview with Rob Brozovish of CleerCreek Outdoors, Idaho Springs Colorado. Rob’s idea of a romantic date with his wife is a day on the river – my kind of guy. His wife has helped him add more and more women’s fly fishing apparel to his line-up as the numbers of women embracing the sport have increased.

Rob also gives some great advice on how a beginner should approach the high end gear expenditures to spend the least amount of money you can while getting exactly what you want. What women wear on the river has come a long way – more and more retailers are figuring out that women come in all shapes and sizes and yes, we are built differently. One day SheLovesFlyFishing will be featuring apparel especially for us, including waders that don’t make you butt look big. But until then, seek out shops like ClearCreek Outdoors.

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She Spends Big Money

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