Fishing Fly Vest
What Not to Buy

This equipment review is to advise you about a fishing fly vest, and in fact, will advise you not to buy fly fishing vests like the one I’m wearing in this picture!

Fly fishing Vest

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Why? Because it’s an older model and today you have so many more options that I think you'll be happier with. I won’t even mention the manufacturer because the maker isn’t the problem. The styling and weight of this type of vest just doesn’t work for me. I have lots of neck pain when I’ve fished for a long while, (or sat at the computer for a long while), and something about this design just pains me - I tend to load up the pockets.

Today, we have lighter, well designed, high-tech vests available to us. My hope is to get the opportunity to try some of these newer models and report on them here. Look for compact, lightweight fly fishing vests that you can hike with or actually store more “stuff” in – like rain gear.

I used to get to fish with my Grand Dad – many years ago. He’d take me on the rivers out of Creede, Colorado and we didn’t fish for sport, we fished for dinner. Fly Fishing the Colorado Waters And Grand Dad wore a fly fishing vest! It actually had a pocket that you could put live trout in! I haven’t kept a trout from a river in about 20 years. Ahhh…. Those were the days of “filet and release”.

I don’t mind a vest in the Fall, but in the Summer I wear a Fishing Pack - check it out here. Fly Fishing Pack - my "purse".

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