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Why is fly fishing instruction from a Colorado fly fishing guide a good way to go?

You learn the RIGHT way quicker.

You catch lots of fish.

You hear (almost) unbelievable fish stories.

You feel pampered and spoiled.

And if you’re lucky, you gain a life long fishing buddy.

A Guide’s job is to ensure all those things happen. They coach as much as you let them and I’m told that they enjoy fishing with women for just that reason; we don’t have a lot of ego going in, and we aren’t competing with anyone – so we listen to instruction. But once you befriend your Guide and things get familiar and said guide no longer feels obligated to kiss your “customer is always right” arse, then you really get a lesson.

I know this because after spending two days on the Roaring Fork out of Glenwood Springs Colorado, and the Frying Pan out of Basalt , with my very own Colorado fly fishing guide who has become one of my best buddies, I now know that I need to “slow my cast the f*%# down”.

I have to wonder if I would have ever heard this succinct and focused coaching tid-bit had we not crossed the line from Guide to friend. Guides don’t get to curse their customers. My false casts were a thing of beauty but when it came time to stop at 2:00 and let it fall gracefully, I instead continued to push it hard and my line would pool up in a pile and leave me wondering what the heck I was doing wrong.

If you’ve never fished with a Colorado fly fishing guide, or a guide on any river for that matter, let me tell you what you will gain. My reasoning for investing the money in these trips is two fold.

One, you can expect to catch fish. Often times these opportunities are trips of a life-time! Rest assured that if you don’t catch fish it is to no fault of the guide and there has to be an ‘act of God’ thing going on. If your guide ain’t catching fish – ain’t nobody catching fish. But the other reason to fish with a guide is for the instruction you’ll get. Consider it a two-fer. Catch fish and up your game.


Women enjoy the designation as, “the fairer sex’. Because of this, male guides will sometimes treat you just a tad too delicately. So here is my advice and I’m going to use it going forward with all the new guide friends I have yet to meet: Give your guide the freedom to speak freely. Ask for brutal honesty. I don’t curse as a habit but I’ve found that if I drop a four letter word here or there while fishing, things loosen up a lot quicker and we get ‘real’.

Praise your guide when they offer fly fishing instruction, thank them for their candor, and take their coaching to heart! I went from catching a fish every 15 minutes to catching a fish every other cast – just by slowing my cast the F down.

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