Blue River Fly Fishing - Colorado

Blue River fly fishing mixed with a little bit of golf-pond catching, (there is a difference between fishing and catching), makes for a fantastic Fall weekend in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado.

And I met Ann Brewster; Silverthorne Sweetheart and pursuer of the perfect egg-free carrot muffin, flower bulbs for the average garden of 200 holes plus, harvester of coveted flower seeds even when the coveted seed-producer doesn’t belong to her, (I would never call it stealing), and my kind of “carpe” gal. That’s ‘carpe” as in Seize the Day, not Carp - as in “bloody hard to catch”.

It started with a prolific discussion of politics, pastimes, travel, and “who do you know?”, at Farley’s in Frisco Co. My new friend, Rob, led me to "Jimbo", from Precision Ski in Frisco ... the finest technical ski and board tuning in Summit County, no Joke. And Jimbo gave my cell-phone number and website to Anne Brewster. Anne wasn’t thrilled to have a new kid dumped on her – until she saw my website. To date, Anne has offered me the biggest compliment I have ever received for my hard work and effort; “Your website kicks ass!”

Thank you, Ann. *wipes tear*

Jimbo and Ann share the common interest of gaining access to private property and fishing in small ponds holding big fish - and I can concur. Taking a 21” well-fed trout from a serene setting such as a golf course…that is rest and relaxation at it’s finest! Fins and pins, Baby!

Golf Pond troutSilverthorne Trout

I started the day up on the Blue River by the campgrounds on Hwy 9. I stalked the waters for over an hour and never saw a single fish. I imagined one under a tree for a long period of time but could not conjure one up.

So I walked to the bridge – where a nice strong inlet swirled food down a sand-bar in the river bottom. I ran small nymphs through a few times and broke off the whole bottom portion of my rig immediately! I don’t know if I was hitting flotsam or getting picked to death but I finally tied on a new fly with stronger tippet. Fly patern… actually, I don’t know the name of the bug. Size, shape, and color: a medium length, stubby, brown and gold, short-haired booger. And WHAM, he hit on the down swing and gave a great fight. THIS is why I've always heard about great days of Blue River fly fishing.

Blue River Trout

But when some people you know have super-secret clearance to gain access to a rolling golf course with a majestic view of the Rocky Mountains, it’s a welcome change of technique from Blue River fly fishing and a great way to have fun and get to know a new friend. To add to the sum, Ann invited her lovely friend, Kay, and gave me the opportunity to meet another woman with an awesome outlook on life and the shared passion to live extraordinarily. Today, extraordinary living looked like picking up a pink stick, taking it to Summit County, and waving it in the air.

Raven Ponds Fish OnRaven Ponds Catch

Finished with Blue River Fly Fishing - take me to the White river

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