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Rocky Mountain National Park

Some of the best Colorado Fly Fishing is only accessible by hiking in to the Rocky Mountain National Park!

Rocky Mountain National Park - Bear Lake Hiking Area

Hiking in the Rocky Mountain National Park out of Estes Park is a beautiful blast. You’re certain to see a lot of wild-life - from elk to chipmunk. At one point, surrounded by critters, I felt like trilling out a Disney melody! We were even pursued by a handsome young buck ;-)

Rocky Mountain National Park Elk
It's like a Disney Movie!

Strap a fly-rod to your hiking pack for the best Colorado fly fishing; Rocky Mountain waters that most people have never even seen! You’ll find that virtually all trail books proclaim the beauty of the Glacier Gorge trails – and they aren’t exaggerating.

Now here’s a secret that will serve you well when you’re trying to find a parking space: go on up and park at Bear Lake parking lot. Plenty of spaces, nice bathrooms and the trailheads don’t really add much distance to your hike. Much better entry point!

On this day we stepped out for Sky Pond – the books said it involved scaling a waterfall and scrambling up some wet rocks. To date, the most beautiful hike I’ve ever been on. Every turn left my hiking partner and I either breathless or having no control over our excited, “Wows”. The streams are laced with wild flowers and some of the deeper pools house brookies – native trout.

The Brook Trout prefers cool, clear waters of high purity in lakes, rivers, and streams. They are sensitive to poor oxygenation and pollution so hiking up to their clean waters is the best way to spot them. All of these criteria are met in The Loch and the Lake of Glass, on the way to Sky Pond. What bugs will catch a Brookie? Its diverse diet includes frogs, snails, insects, smaller fish, worms, and flies.

It sounds as if they would eat just about anything but since these places aren’t frequently angled, the fish can be ultra-spooky and dart when you cast. They are picky! Just pay attention to the bugs on the water and you'll do fine.

You’ll be at about 10,000 feet at Sky Pond so take plenty of water and layers to dress up or strip down.

Casting on the Loch

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