Fly Fishing from a Woman's Perspective

She Loves Fly Fishing

has a passionate goal;

to get you on the water - with confidence!

Stepping into that moving water for the very first time can be intimidating and it does not have to be. Welcome to the definitive online destination to bring you the savvy information you need to make your angling adventure a blast - from day one. Save yourself a lot of time and hassles; be prepared, catch fish, and look good doing it!

What do women bring to fly-fishing? Grace, style, finesse, fun, sexiness, skill, and that feminine touch that makes a once male dominated sport a new way to dance with nature. Now women everywhere are embracing one of the most beautiful pastimes on the planet.

We bring you the women friendly how-to, where-to and the who-to; from a woman's perspective :

HOW TO – techniques, tips, e-guides; to introduce you to the sport or hone your advanced skills.

WHERE TO – women friendly lodges, trips, vacations, rivers, and streams; everywhere you need to be to get your line wet and keep it tight.

WHO TO– the best guides, outfitters, sites, magazines, directories and women's FlyFishing Blogs; to introduce you to the people and resources needed to grow your passion.

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Women are the fastest growing demographic in Fly Fishing

2013 - Source: The Recreational Boating and Fishing Foundation

"According to the most recent data available from the US Fish and Wildlife Service, fishing license sales increased 11 percent in the five-year period 2006 to 2011." The report goes on to say that Americans made 1-billion fishing outings last year, averaging 21.3 fishing days per person.

Forty-one percent of first-time anglers were female. Women and girls now comprise more than 30 percent of (North) American anglers.

And, 4.5 million newcomers tried fishing last year. FLY FISHING attracted 20.5 percent of first time anglers. ”

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